Do you have online ordering?

Yes, you can order via the Skip app. Download it from the app store or at www.skipapp.com.au

Where are you located?

Broadbeach, right opposite the Convention Centre, and outside the Broadbeach North tram station. The Surfers Paradise end of Main Place: Shop 6, 2723 Gold Coast Highway, between the big chemist on the corner and the tattoo shop.

What is your phone number?

07 5679 3183

Do you have to be vegan to eat here?

Absolutely not! Everyone eats vegan food – EVERYONE! Even the most hard-core meat-eaters use plant-based foods to add flavour and depth (think mushroom, garlic, potatoes).

There are many reasons people choose to eat at a vegan eatery:

People with allergies and intolerances: We don’t use any animal products at all which greatly reduces exposure to common allergens. Not only that, but because we are mindful of product ingredients (our business depends on it), we know exactly what’s in the food we serve so will know if things contain nuts, soy or anything else you may be allergic to.

People trying to reduce their cholesterol intake Cholesterol is only found in animal products so all of our food is cholesterol-free.

Those trying to eat more meat-free meals: There are loads of reasons people may have decided to reduce or eliminate their meat intake – every meal helps, even if it is junk food from Feed the Earthlings!

Can you guarantee that everything you serve is 100% vegan?

We do everything we can to make sure that all of our products and ingredients are 100% vegan. Before we choose a new product we check that every ingredient and additive is vegan. However, we are still subject to suppliers changing their ingredients without notice and simple human error. For this reason, and to protect ourselves legally, we cannot absolutely make that guarantee.

In that case, can I check the label myself before I order?


But your menu says chick’n, fish and bacon, they’re not vegan?

True, but we use mock meats. Most of these are made from gluten flour and vegan flavouring.

What about your cheese?

We use Notzarella for our pizza and Bio Cheese for the burgers. Most are based on coconut oil.

What if I don’t like something on a pizza, can I take it off or swap it out for something I do like?

Of course you can! You can have any burger or pizza any way you like it!

Why do you try to imitate animal products?

Most of our customers really enjoyed the taste and texture of these foods, so now they can give them up without having to go without!

Do you have franchise opportunities?

We are frequently asked about franchise opportunities. We are currently working on rolling out franchises across Australia over the next 3 months to 2 years. If you think you would like to join the team, please enter your email address and we will contact you when we have more information and are ready to take applications.